Lexicon at Taupo

Had a fantastic time this past weekend at Lexicon, the New Zealand National Science Fiction and Fantasy Conference held in Taupo. Made a few new friends, had some good laughs, and learned some useful things about writing and the state of the speculative fiction world. Acquired some new books, and recommendations for others. Just started The Grief Hole (autographed copy!) by Kaaren Warren.

Taupo, of course, was stunning. From the early morning mist on the lake, black swans in the river, clouds of steam rising from the fumaroles and drifting across the sky, and the street art scattered around the town, there’s something interesting to see in every direction. A couple of days lazing around Taupo after the conference left me feeling as serene as this photo of the lake:

The food was great, too. I recommend the gastro pub Rose On Roberts—lovely service and atmosphere as well as good food. Not that we had a less than satisfying dinner anywhere. Steak at Waterside, fish at Dixie Browns, mango chicken at Indian Affair—they were all good. (Although the name of the latter puts me more in mind of the BIA than the country.)

I came out of IFWG Publishing’s double book launch on Sunday feeling on top of the world. Having a glass of champagne on an empty stomach had something to do with that, but so did seeing people actually buying my book. Getting encouragement to record an audiobook didn’t hurt, either.

Besides The Locksmith, the launch was for Ali Foster’s children’s book, The Rejects, a charming story about a nobody of a garden gnome who becomes a hero.

Many thanks to the ConCom for making the weekend go so smoothly. We’re looking forward to next year’s ConClave in Auckland.

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