Young Adult / High Fantasy

The Reforging series

Book 1: The Locksmith

Strange that, in a world where membership in one of four magic guilds guarantees respect and wealth, Lucinda Guillierre is terrified of being exposed as a witch. The Fire Warlock is puzzled but not alarmed by her attitude. Not, that is, until a long-buried secret comes to light.

She has good reasons to be afraid.

As war looms and dangerous romance beckons, who will have the best chance to kill her? Her enemies, her friends, or Lucinda herself?

An empowering adventure through a magical world that is both warmly familiar and delightfully new. Lucinda Guillierre’s journey toward unexpected power hearkens back to the very best of Mercedes Lackey, Diana Wynne Jones, or Naomi Mitchison. A spellbinding beginning to a landmark fantasy series.
David Bowles, author of the ALA honor award winning The Smoking Mirror


The Locksmith, a high fantasy novel for readers from teens to adults, is available as a paperback or an ebook from these online bookstores: Amazon, Apple iTunes, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo.

Book 2: Engine of Lies

He never promised happily ever after, but Lucinda is still dismayed by how quickly reality intrudes on her fairy tale. Assassination attempts and lightning strikes disturb her honeymoon, but the return home brings no peace of mind. When the discovery of a magical conspiracy shakes her faith in everything she trusts, she vows to expose the Fire Warlock’s most shameful secret and see justice done.

As a hot summer draws towards a violent end, Lucinda teeters between terror and rage. She’d be less angry about risking her life if she didn’t suspect her husband—her hero!—intends to step aside and let her die.

Engine of Lies, the second book in the Reforging series, will be released 16 July 2018. It can be preordered now from the publisher:

The Reforging series, as currently planned, will total five books. Look for The Blacksmith, the third book, in 2019.