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Category: Children’s books Age: middle school and up Apparently I’ve had it wrong all my adult life. I thought explicit sex involved, well, contact or at least display of private body parts. You know, actual sex. But I’ve just discovered … Continue reading

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The Mad Scientists’ Club

Category: Children’s fiction Rating: G As a preteen, I loved Bertrand R Brinley’s The Mad Scientists’ Club. As an adult, I read these pre-MacGyver, Do-It-Yourself stories to my daughter, and still loved them. In these stories, a group of boys, … Continue reading

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October Sky

Category: History Rating: PG. Non-violent and clean, except for one fade-to-black scene in the back seat of a Dodge. On 5 October 1957, the Russians launched Sputnik, and a 14-year-old boy in a coal mining town in West Virginia began … Continue reading

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Category: History Rating: PG Endurance was the name of a ship. The Endurance is the title of a book, American author Caroline Alexander’s spellbinding account of the British explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton’s expedition to the Antarctic aboard that ship. On … Continue reading

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Edward Eager

Category: children’s fiction / fantasy Rating: G. A very small amount of cartoon violence The captivating children’s books by American author Edward Eager are among the classics in children’s literature. I remember being spellbound by them when I was first … Continue reading

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